Employee Job Satisfaction Survey

What's included?

  • Moderation of an "all hands on deck" staff meeting.
  • Administration of staff survey to all employees.
  • Consolidation of information into a single comprehensive report.
  • Delivery and review of survey with the management team.
  • One-on-one discussions with individual staff members if needed.
  • Action plan created and implemented.

This is typically one of the most challenging surveys for any practice manager, administrator, or physician to initiate because it is human nature to want to be liked and accepted. The perception of this type of survey is that it opens the door for employees to express a negative opinion and complain. While this may happen, it is rare. The value of the information gathered outweighs the risk of a mildly damaged psyche that we may incur during the process.  

Survey Photo

During the survey review and discussion it is important to accept the comments as a gift and use them to improve the work environment. Morale is oftentimes overlooked by physicians and managers because they generally "don't have time to deal with it". The reality of the situation is that low morale is noticed by your patients in the form of poor customer service. Poor customer service decreases the odds of return visits which ultimately affects profitability.

There are several ways you can measure the level of your employees overall job satisfaction. The first way is to ask them directly. You will usually hear exactly what you want to hear when you approach the employee in this manner. Your staff will usually fear retribution give evasive answers. They will usually respond with "everything is great". Information gathered this way seldom has little value.

The second way is to have a staff meeting and have everyone fill out an "anonymous" survey. The employees will typically be skeptical regarding the anonymity of the survey because they fear that their handwriting will be recognized. Therefore they will demonstrate the tendency to again provide evasive answers and generally avoid controversial subject matter.


Core Healthcare Consulting offers a solution to this dilemma. We will administer the Employee Job Satisfaction Survey in the capacity of a non-objective third party. We have the ability to "cross party lines" and gather data in a truly anonymous fashion.

The Process

When we administer this survey, we have found that the best way is to hold an "all hands on deck" staff meeting. The physician and/or manager will open the meeting, make the introductions, and explain the purpose of the meeting. Then they will turn over the meeting to us.  

This is the point where the physician, manager, and any relatives of either party are excused and CHC takes over. We reiterate that this is an anonymous survey. Their handwritten comments will be retyped and consolidated into a single report that will be reviewed with the management team. We explain that this is their best opportunity to let the management team know what is working, what isn't working, and offer solutions.

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The first step is to hand out the surveys to each employee. The surveys are then filled out without any discussion or commentary from the group. Our goal is to gather this information from each individual from their point of view and avoid a "groupthink" situation. The second step (if approved by the management) is to open the floor to discussion after all the surveys have been handed in. We will also be available for one-on-one discussions with individual staff members if desired.

The final step is to review the final report with the management team. We will consolidate the data into a single, comprehensive report. This report will be delivered and reviewed with the physician and the practice management team. We will discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We will also discuss tactics to either maintain or modify behaviors that will affect the employee morale.

The Job Satisfaction Survey is available as an individual service or as part of our Retainer Packages. Please contact us to request pricing information.