Practice Mystery Shopping

What's included?

  • Five telephone experience mystery shopping calls made to your office.
  • One patient experience mystery shop of your practice. Our mystery shopper will schedule an appointment with your practice and go through a new patient consult appointment.
  • Consolidation of information into a single comprehensive report.
  • Delivery and review of the Mystery Shopping Report.
  • Action plan created and implemented.

Mystery or secret shopping has been one of Core Healthcare Consulting's most successful programs. This program allows the management team to view their practice through the eyes of the patient. Insight and observations are provided by an experienced consultant with exposure to the most successful medical practices for comparison purposes.  

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This program has been a success with the practice management team and physicians for many reasons. One reason is that you are able to see different patient contact points throughout the practice that you don't typically have exposure to. This helps identify opportunities to improve the patients' interaction with the practice personnel.

Another reason is that a fresh set of eyes will be looking at your practice from many different angles. When you are in your practice every day, you begin to overlook small things and minor details that are immediately noticeable to your patients. Wear and tear in the office tends to blend in to the background when we see it day after day. Your patient immediately notices that loose piece of wallpaper in the exam room, or the marked and chipped paint on the wall that you've been meaning to paint for the last 3 years. Or how about that front desk employee that you don't interact with on a regular basis, yet every patient checking in comes into contact with?

The biggest reason for success was mentioned previously. You will receive valuable feedback from an experienced consultant who has seen some of the most successful practices in the U.S. How do you stack up against the competition? You are busy every day in your practice so how can you find the time to see how others have achieved success?


Core Healthcare Consulting offers Secret Shopping services which enable you to take an in-depth look at your practice through the eyes of your patients.

The Process

Our Secret Shoppers will go through all of the steps that your patients go through and make observations and evaluations throughout the entire process. We will start with your website and then make multiple telephone calls to schedule an appointment and evaluate the ease and quality of the process.  

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The Secret Shopper will then follow through on the scheduled appointment. The shopper will observe the entire new patient process. Following the appointment all observations from the website experience, telephone secret shopping, and patient appointment experience will be documented and scored. This information will then be presented to the physician and management team.

Once the completed surveys have been received, we will consolidate the data into a single, comprehensive report. This report will be delivered and reviewed with the management team. We will discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We will also discuss tactics to either maintain or modify behaviors that will affect the patients' encounter with the practice.

Practice Mystery Shopping is available as an individual service or as part of our Retainer Packages. Please contact us to request pricing information.