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CORE News      -      May, 2009

CORE Healthcare Consulting - About the Company

Through innovation and leadership, Core Healthcare Consulting designs, develops and implements medical business management resources that bring a sustainable competitive advantage to our clients.  Read more

Tip of the Month

Invest in the training and professional development of your practice management team. Improved job proficiency will lead to increased patient encounter time for the physician.

Did you know?

Professional cosmeceutical product sales for 2008 in the U.S. were over $1,055,000,000. Spas and salons accounted for 51.7%, retail stores 22.8%, and medical care providers 25.5% of the total.

Special Offers!

Retainer Package Level One:
We are offering discounted rates for our entry level packaged services. Please contact us for pricing information.


The 3P's of a successful medical practice

The successful medical practice has a well-balanced core. The core of a medical practice consists of three interrelated areas: the Patient, the Practice, and the Personnel. These three areas are all dependent upon one another and a weakness in one area will lead to degradation in the other areas.  Read more


Check out our Retainer Packages...

Our retainer packages are designed to evaluate the core of your practice. We take an in-depth methodical approach during the data-gathering phase. We then consolidate the data into a single, comprehensive report.  Read more


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