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CORE News      -      June, 2009

Navigating Through a Challenging Economy
Part One of Three.

Today's economy has forced many medical practices and businesses to reevaluate the way they operate. Some practices were fully prepared and are actually growing. Other practices were caught unaware and are struggling. In this practice management series of articles, I will discuss 3 Rules, 3 Steps, and 3 Strategic Initiatives that will help you emerge from this challenging economy stronger and healthier.  Read more

Tip of the Month

Three steps to making changes in your practice: Inspect, Evaluate, and Modify.

Did you know?

It costs you on average, five times more to recruit a new patient than it does to retain an existing one.

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The Importance of Measuring Employee Job Satisfaction

Employees that are satisfied can make a practice more successful and more pleasant. This metric is one that is frequently overlooked by many consultants and management seminars. However, I think that it is perhaps second only to patient satisfaction as an indicator of the future success of the practice. What is measured is vital to obtaining meaningful information and structuring the survey correctly is essential.  Read more


What’s new?

New practice tools available for download:
   •  Aesthetic Treatment Plan for Aestheticians
   •  Aesthetic Interest Questionnaire
   •  The Aesthetic Pyramid
   •  The Non Surgical Aesthetic Pyramid     Read more


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