Retainer Packages

CORE Area     /      Service
The Patient
Patient Quality of Care Survey Check Check Check
Website Review   Check Check
Patient Flow and Office Efficiency     Check
The Practice
Practice Mystery Shopping Check Check Check
Financial Performance Review   Check Check
The Personnel
Employee Job Satisfaction Survey Check Check Check
Staff Training     Check

Our retainer packages are designed to evaluate the core of your practice. We take an in-depth methodical approach during the data-gathering phase. We consolidate the data gathered into a single, comprehensive report. This report will be delivered and reviewed extensively with the physician and the practice management team. We will discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We will also discuss tactics to either maintain or modify behaviors that will affect the quality of the infrastructure within the practice.


One benefit of our Retainer Packages is that you have access to us by phone or email to answer questions, act as a sounding board, or provide guidance. This is in addition to the services offered in the retainer package. Whether it is a new project or you are looking for information that has eluded you, we can help. If we can't help with a particular need, we can guide you in the right direction through one of our trusted professional relationships. We have an extensive referral network to address any need you may have under the umbrella of practice management.

The Retainer Packages

Our retainer packages provide you with substantial value and significant savings over individually priced services. We offer three tiers of retainer packages. We are offering these bundled services at a reduced rate which will enable you to evaluate your practice and the quality of our programs without a significant monetary risk. This will also provide you with an opportunity to get to know us better and begin building a trusting relationship.

Tier One

Tier One is structured to inspect, evaluate, and help you modify all three core areas of your practice. We will conduct a Patient Quality of Care Survey, Practice Mystery Shopping experience, and an Employee Job Satisfaction Survey.

Tier Two

The services offered in Tier Two include the programs offered in Tier One. Tier Two services are designed to take a closer look at Patient and Practice core areas. We will conduct a Website Review and a Financial Performance Review.

Tier Three

The services offered in Tier Three include the programs offered in Tiers One and Two. Tier Three services are designed to further identify areas of opportunity within your practice. We will assess the Patient Flow and Office Efficiency.

Staff Training is also a feature of Tier Three. Once we have completed all of the surveys and assessments from Tiers One through Three, we will identify the training opportunities. We will build a customized training curriculum and train your staff on the subject matter.