Website Review

What's included?

  • Website content, organization, optimization, and functionality evaluated by a professional practice consultant.
  • Website reviewed and evaluated by 3-5 independent consumers from your target audience.
  • Feedback and perspective consolidated into a single report.
  • Report will be delivered and reviewed with the physician and practice management team.
  • Action plan developed with options to improve your website.

Your patients' first contact with your practice is typically via your website. This is the reason that a well functioning, fully optimized, aesthetically appealing website is critical to practice success in today's highly competitive business environment. The most successful practices understand and take advantage of this venue for information dissemination, marketing, and practice efficiency.  

Website Review Photo

Your website should serve as detailed practice brochure, an online patient education coordinator, and an online salesperson. It needs to be updated on a regular basis in order to support these roles. A neglected and dated website doesn't help your practice; it is merely a drain on resources.

There are very few ways to inspect the quality of your website currently available. In the past you had to rely upon your own opinions or the feedback provided by your web-developer. There simply hasn't been a viable option available that is cost-effective and unbiased.


Core Healthcare Consulting offers a comprehensive website review that will help your website to either become a more effective tool in your armamentarium.

The Process

Core Healthcare Consulting will conduct a full site inspection and evaluation. We will focus upon a variety of areas:  

  • Page rank with a variety of search engines
  • Layout
  • Text and content
  • Keyword usage, title tags, meta tags
  • Inbound and outbound linkage
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Navigability

We will also have a group of patients from your demographic target audience provide feedback and perspective. They will each fill out a survey which will be consolidated into a single document and reviewed in conjunction with the Core Healthcare Consulting Website Review Report. This report will be delivered and reviewed with the physician and practice management team. We will discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and present various options to improve your website.

The Website Review is available as an individual service or as part of the Tier Two or Tier Three Retainer Packages. Please contact us to request pricing information.